Tired of Stressed Out Days and Sleepless Nights?

Coming to realize your health, work and relationships are unraveling with each day? 

Become a Calmer, More Rested Version of Yourself in Less Than 10 Minutes a Day

Imagine what it will feel like to be able to give your work, kids and lover your very best.

Let Daily Mind Gym be your daily work "in" so you can work "out" into the world. Daily Mind Gym combines the principles of several practices, including mindfulness and visualization to give you what you need to kick the stress of life to the curb.

Not sleeping well? No problem. You'll be sleeping like a baby.

And, it's accessible on your phone just like all those other apps, only with personal support to keep you consistent.

Nicole Mills

// Digital Marketing Strategist 

“Descending Into Sleep" worked for me and I am a really problematic sleeper. I like that Daily Mind Gym can help create a foundation for the day and centers on what a person can control, themselves.

Any kind of clutter, disorder, unresolved emotional stress will make it hard for me to fall asleep and stay asleep. So, having dedicated practices to fall and get back to sleep are very helpful.”


Amy Fauth

// Human Resources Professional

“Before Daily Mind Gym, sleep would always be a stressor. I would always have an anxious mind and not be able to calm my mind. Now, I can calm my mind when going to sleep and have ways to break the anxious cycle in the midst of feeling panic.

When I feel like something is going wrong instead of letting my mind take me away on stories that have not happened, I can stay in the present more quickly.”

Melissa Rhodes

// Travel Consultant, Simple Luxuries Travel

“In under 10 minutes, I'm getting those tools that I need to deal better with the stresses that life hands me. 

I've seen an increase in my business. I've seen an increase in my productivity. I'm nicer to be around. I'm sleeping better. And I have a much more positive attitude because even when things can't be done or I run out of time, I'm able to deal better with my own stress.”

This Is Your Chance To Finally Make A Change

Tried and failed at other meditation practices in the past? Forget about that. You'll learn how to stop overthinking the practice while you practice and step into a calmer, more connected mental space.

Get ready to stop talking about how tired, stressed and overwhelmed you are. Move beyond frustrated social media statuses and into real, lasting improvement. Every area of your life will be better.